Two Ball Axial FAN (120x120x25mm)

Two Ball Axial FAN (120x120x25mm)
Model Name: AS-F120
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Price: US$30.00
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1. This is repair spare part. 
2. Warning: Tampering, repairing, modifying, and damaging the unit by parties not authorized by ASUSTOR will void the warranty. 
3. Shipping Time: It will take approximately 13~15 days for ordered goods to be processed and delivered. The delivery time will differ based on the region in which you live.
Description:AS-F120, Two ball Axial FAN with PWM, 120 mm
EAN: 4710474839063
UPC: 0887372900066
Dimension: 120 X 120 X 25 (mm)
Weight: 162g
Applied Model: AS-604T/606T/608T/AS-204T/AS-204TE/AS-304T/AS5004T/AS5104T/AS5008T/AS5010T/AS5108T/AS5110T/AS6104T/AS6204T/AS1004T/AS1004T v2/AS3104T/AS6208T/AS6210T/AS6404T/AS4004T/AS6508T/AS6510T/AS6604T


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