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Model Name: AS6-RAM1G
Availability: Out Of Stock
Price: US$66.00
   - OR -   

Note: This Product End-of-Life, please don't place order.

How to install the memory?

Other compatible memory which you can buy locally: http://www.asustor.com/service/memory?id=memory

PN: 92M11-S10L1

Description: AS6-RAM1G, 1GB DDR3L-1866 204Pin SO-DIMM RAM Module

EAN: 4710474838011

UPC: 0887372901025

Dimension: 67x30x10 (mm)

Weight: 7g


Applied Model:  AS6302T / AS6404T / AS61 Series/ AS62 Series / AS50 Series / AS51 Series


For AS6302T/AS6404T 
Support mixed capacity

For AS50 / AS51 / AS61 / 62 Series
1. When expanding memory, please ensure that both memory modules you are installing are of the same size.
2. When purchasing 8GB RAM modules, due to platform limitations, you will only be able to install a single 8GB RAM module. It is not possible to have two 8GB RAM modules installed. Please see the graphic below.


For AS50 / 51 Series


3. Installable RAM module combinations are as follows:

  • 1GB+1GB
  • 2GB+2GB
  • 4GB+4GB
  • Single 1,2,4, 8GB module installed in the first memory slot


4. This product is pre-ordered. It will take approximately 7~10 days for ordered memory to be processed.

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